Friday, July 21, 2017

Calistoga-Santa Rosa bus would relieve road congestion

Viewed from rear: Backed-up cars stopped on Petrified Forest Road, just outside Calistoga city limits, approaching the junction with Highway 128
Petrified Forest Road, approaching Highway 128
Among thousands of motorists who travel each day between Calistoga and Santa Rosa, surely at least some would rather travel by bus than endure stop-and-go, backed-up traffic. I really want to see a bus route developed, either by Sonoma County Transit, by VINE Transit in Napa County or perhaps a joint-powers project.

A bus route between Calistoga and Santa Rosa would make sense for discerning motorists, because how much more enjoyable would it be to relax on a bus, mini-bus or coach? Maybe catch up on reading, enjoy an audio-book or browse news via onboard Wi-Fi. Viewing stalled cars in multiple directions, argues for at least SOME demand.

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