Friday, June 23, 2017

Sonoma, Marin counties: Bike-share grant application pursued

White-against-green roadway sign displaying a bicycle in profile above the caption, 'Bike Route.'

Exciting project in the works: Transportation planners from Sonoma and Marin counties are pursuing a grant to build a bike-share network of about 180 rentable bicycles.

As reported by Kevin McCallum in the Press Democrat (Wednesday, June 21), the Santa Rosa City Council has unanimously approved the $1 million grant application.

If the Metropolitan Transportation Commission approves the two counties’ application, the funds will be used to purchase bicycles and install infrastructure. Sponsorships and rental income would finance operation of the program.

This is a program I plan to follow closely in the weeks and months ahead -- eagerly hoping for its success.

In Ashland, Oregon, we traveled everywhere by bicycle and public transportation. Jonathan and I are working to recreate those conditions in Santa Rosa and the Bay Area.

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