Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cycling has advantages among commuting options

Side view of bicycles attached on either side of 'staple'-shaped bike rack element

If you’re a person who is motivated by personal benefit when evaluating available options: here’s an important consideration for weighing your commuting choices.

A study out of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, suggests that commuters who rely on active or people-powered forms of transportation (cycling, walking, etc.) tend to be more punctual, and also feel more energized when they arrive at their destination, than commuters who rely on automobile use or public transportation.

“The models indicate that drivers have the lowest odds of feeling energized and the highest odds of arriving late for work. Cyclists, meanwhile, have the highest odds of feeling energized and being punctual.” (Study abstract at

These findings don’t surprise me; they align with my personal experiences. I feel much more relaxed and invigorated when I walk or ride my bicycle, than when I ride in a car.

As a public transit “straphanger” when it comes to most longer trips, I feel that transit agencies need to pay attention to other study findings: “Bus riders have the highest odds of arriving late at work,” and “Waiting time for transit users influences their odds of being punctual.” (Study highlights,

Study findings come from a 2013 survey of McGill students and faculty. The study abstract can be accessed via ScienceDirect, with an option to purchase the full text.

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