Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline: If you drive, you support it

Groups I subscribe to, urge “bearing witness” and solidarity for Standing Rock Sioux activists who oppose construction of a new Dakota Access Pipeline to deliver fossil fuels.

In addition to suggestions for solidarity with what is described as a water-protection action, people need to examine their own driving and fuel-consumption habits, and how they support the oil industry.

With each trip to the store — to your job — to church — that you take by car, what share do you expend of those 400,000 barrels of oil that the Dakota Access Pipeline would deliver daily?

Might not the money spent at the pump each week be better invested on a month-long public transit system pass?

For shorter trips, why not consider active transportation (rolling, pushing, walking, cycling etc.) for optimal health.

What better way to disrupt the oil industry than by no longer contributing financially? At “critical mass” among opt-out drivers, the Dakota Access Pipeline couldn’t be justified.

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