Monday, May 30, 2016

Who needs a car when we’ve got a wagon?

Man in orange jacket and wide-brimmed off-white hat pulling red wagon with flower pot up residential street bordered by bushes with red flowers and, behind him, trees

I don’t mind in the least if we become known as those people who walk around town pulling a “little red wagon.” Sometimes hauling gear is inevitable — as in this instance of walking home with gardening supplies. The cloth-over-steel-frame wagon is lightweight and collapsible; it takes up next to no space when it’s being stored but when set up, it can carry up to 150 pounds. During this weekend alone, we brought donated books down to the Ashland public library and, on on the return trip, brought home a gardening pot. Who knows how many wagon sales we are responsible for; seems whenever we go out, someone who is on-foot like us, comments that (s)he needs one too.

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