Saturday, November 21, 2015

Oregon drives less, reduces CO2s

White-against-green roadway sign displaying a bicycle in profile above the caption, 'Bike Route.'

“Making a difference ... one trip at a time” was the latest Drive Less Connect headline, paired with an email subject line that emphasized collective impact. Drive Less Connect declared this year’s Oregon Drive Less Challenge a success, with a total of 777,119 miles in bike, bus, train, carpool, vanpool and walking trips, plus teleworking reported in 14 days.

Its newsletter notes that if those miles were driven alone, in a single-occupant vehicle, those miles would have resulted in 548,457 pounds of CO2 emissions. So those are 548,457 pounds of emissions not created, because people walked, rode their bicycles or took the bus. It feels great to be part of the solution, every day, every week, all year.

Blog posts classified with Dewey numbering

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching Dewey Decimal classifications for the subject tags in my blogs, beginning with my blog about library service and now extending to “Librarian on a Bicycle.” The project seemed thematically appropriate, with both blogs’ emphasis on librarianship.