Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why no large Nutcase helmets?

Nutcase helmet company's 'Lumberjack Matte' bicycle helmet, red and black plaid on the helmet's sides with a wide green stripe bordered by yellow and green narrow stripes along the center of the helmet dividing it front to back
Large, please
Guest writer Jonathan Donihue asks why the Nutcase company’s most colorful helmets are not offered in large sizes.

I recently bought a Nutcase helmet for my wife. We were both very pleased to see that your company has extremely high quality products and imaginative designs. I decided to purchase one for myself but, on visiting your website, I was discouraged to see that all your most imaginative and artistic designs are only available in small and medium sizes.

Ok, I’ll grant you that most big guys (like myself) are a dull and unimaginative lot, but I’m a big, manly, kind of man who also loves art and fashion, imagination and color, subtlety and grace. I wanted to order the Lumberjack Matte or Boogie, or even Cloud Nine but none of those were available in my size. I know you have to manufacture your products with demand in mind, but your policies seem a little too profiling.

I’ll go ahead and order one of your less imaginative designs, but you should know:

My wife and I don’t even own a car. We only ride bicycles and take public transportation. As such, your helmet designs offer us the much desired opportunity to combine fashion with our favorite form of transportation. I hope that you reconsider your policies. If you do, I could see us each ordering several different styles of your helmets to match our daily moods, our destinations, and our choice of outfit.

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