Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cross-country librarian

Laurie Chipps is a librarian and a cross-country cyclist. On May 10, she quit her job at the Art Institute of Chicago and began a cross-country bicycle trip from Yorktown, Virginia. On Aug. 10, she arrived in Astoria, Oregon — completing a 4,477-mile ride across the United States along the Adventure Cycling Association’s Transamerica route. Chipps told DNAinfo writer Justin Breen that after visiting with friends in Portland, she planned to move permanently to one of her stops along the route, Missoula, Montana — chosen for its accessiblity to trails and because “she really liked the lifestyle there.”

Monday, August 3, 2015

Zagster bikeshare in Ashland, Oregon

Yellow bikes attached to bikeshare docking stations off Water Street in Ashland, Oregon

There’s something so cheerful and optimistic about this bright-yellow bikeshare fleet, viewed off Water Street in downtown Ashland, beneath the Lithia Way Overpass.