Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rogue Valley Transit: Saturday service ends in March

Photo by rickie22 on Flickr. Reused under terms of Creative Commons
From Rogue Valley Transportation District comes word: the last day of Saturday service will be March 21. This will be a disappointment, but it doesn’t inconvenience us nearly as much as it would have one year ago.

It’s convenient to take intermodal trips that combine bike riding with public transit. RVTD buses have bike racks on them that can transport three bikes.

(I think a “cycle hack” needs to address transporting a lot more bicycles; two- to three-bike capacity appears to be standard on public transit bus racks. And from experience, this is simply not enough to accommodate rider demand.)

But during the time we’ve lived in Ashland — and, most especially since we sold the family car — we’ve steadily built our endurance for riding longer distances.

In November 2014, I completed an Ashland-to-Medford round trip on my bicycle and, having done it once, can surely do it again. So after March 21, it will still be entirely feasible to take Saturday trips to Medford and back.

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