Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long skirt shortened, divided for bicycle use

Woman's divided skirt and hat, made from fabric that consists of piecework squares in four plaid designs: dark red, blue and green, red on white and blue and green on white.  In upper left, a sewing pattern for a three-paneled long skirt is laid on top of the garment. In upper right, a pattern for the divided skirt. And in lower right, a sewing pattern for the hat.

Cycle-hack: A three-paneled long skirt has been shortened and divided for ease when riding a bicycle.

The garment was originally sewn as a three-paneled, gathered long skirt (pattern in upper left.) But I was discouraged from wearing it by its sheer impracticality: The skirt was heavy and when I sat in rolling office chairs, I constantly ran it over.

The solution: re-cut the skirt using the “skort” pattern in upper right. With fabric left-over, I also made a coordinating hat.

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