Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bitstrips work-around for longest bicycle ride to-date

Cynthia M. Parkhill's Bitstrips comics avatar stands on a bus, next to the male driver who is seated behind the steering wheel. She tells him, "We're loading two bicycles!" The caption reads, "Feelin' great about our latest intermodal trip."

I took my longest bicycle ride to-date on Thursday, all the way to Medford via the Bear Creek Greenway.

Jonathan and I completed our errands by bicycle and then loaded our bikes on Rogue Valley Transportation District Route 10, which took us safely home. In total, we pedaled a little more than 20 miles, according to the Drive Less. Save More trip-logger.

An occasion like this seemed worth commemorating, but I had to work with what Bitstrips provided me. And once again, my public transportation attitude and choices differed from the options available to me in Bitstrips’ cartoon library.

RVTD drivers are generally cheerful and helpful, nothing at all like this guy with the raised eyebrow and the scowl. And thanks to punch-passes, 20 rides for $32, there is simply no reason why I’d try to board a bus on short-fare (the original depiction in this scene).

Hence, my latest Bitstrips work-around.

I’m increasingly adept at using Bitstrips’ controls to adjust facial expression and posture of my cartoon character. Learning about communication of emotion through face and body language is what especially appealed to me when I began using Bitstrips. But I’m not able to adjust “stock characters.”

In a way, Bitstrips is doing me a favor with its negativity about traveling by bus. I really work to promote the cartoon message that intermodal bike/bus transport is better for our health, better for our budgets and better for the planet.

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