Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bike to the Co-op Month

Boxed bicycle helmets with "Co-op Rocks" promotional labels
Image source: Ashland Food Co-op on Facebook
In the area of climate-friendly transportation efforts at the Ashland Food Co-op, here’s a great partnership with Cycle Sport: bicycle helmets available for half-price.

As detailed in the co-op’s May/June newsletter, May is Bike to the Co-op Month. Co-op members who display their owner cards can get half-off any bicycle helmet at Cycle Sport, located at 191 Oak St. in Ashland. The offer is good only in May and only once during the month.

And each time co-op members show their helmets at the co-op information desk, they can enter a drawing toward a $50 Cycle Sport gift certificate. The offer ends May 31.

Single-occupant auto use perpetuates the problem with a “jam-packed” co-op parking lot. This owner-member appreciates co-op efforts to promote auto-use alternatives.

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