Monday, March 4, 2013

‘Bus stoppers’ at Rogue Valley Transportation District stops

In anticipation of riding public transit in Jackson County, Ore., I paid a visit this weekend to the Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) website. Among recent news, RVTD is going to install reflectors, “Bus Stoppers,” at 75 bus stop locations.

Illustration: "Bus Stopper" reflective device
“The Bus Stopper uses the headlights from the approaching bus to reflect a signal to the bus driver,” according to the RVTD. “When a person moves the handle up and down a flashing pattern is communicated to the driver so the driver knows a passenger is waiting. That flashing can be seen up to 1/4 mile away.”

RVTD drivers share a problem that I’ve observed at rural stops in Lake County, Calif. During dark hours, the drivers find it difficult to see passengers waiting at the stops.

According to RVTD, the Bus Stoppers will improve safety and help ensure passengers will be seen by the driver in time for him or her to stop the bus.

RVTD invites riders who would like to request a Bus Stopper for their stops to contact or 541-779-5821. For more infomation about the Bus Stopper, visit

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