Friday, September 2, 2005

New bus schedules begin Tuesday

Beginning Tuesday morning, new Lake Transit bus schedules will offer enhanced commute and travel options for many people in Lake County. A Rider's Guide with the new schedules and proposed new fares is available from Lake Transit Authority.

According to Lake Transit manager, Mark Wall, the revised bus schedules include minor changes and improvements for every route, but major enhancements to service for the Hidden Valley, Middletown, Cobb Mountain and Soda Bay Road areas.

The new schedules also include two round-trips every week day along Highway 29 to Napa County.

For students commuting to the new Lake County International Charter School in Middletown, or for people commuting to work from Middletown or Cobb Mountain to Lakeport or Clearlake, the route and schedule changes offer a new low cost and time saving alternative to driving.

Route 2 has been changed to provide service along Highway 175 between Middletown and Kit's Corner. This route has a time connection at each end for transfers to Clearlake, Lakeport or Calistoga.

For patients traveling on Route 3 to medical appointments in Deer Park, new daily service between Clearlake, Middletown, Calistoga and Deer Park means that appointments can be scheduled more easily.

Others will find that the Route 3 connection to Napa County's VINE Route 10 service makes travel through the Napa Valley and to the Bay Area easier and inexpensive.

The schedule for Route 4A, which travels along Soda Bay Road, will increase from two roundtrips per day to three, and it will offer more connections at Soda Bay Road.

The new Rider's Guide lists proposed fares that are scheduled for review at a public hearing to be held by Lake Transit Authority at the Lamkin-Sanchez Transit Operations Center in Lower Lake at 9:30 a.m., Sept. 14. The proposed fare changes would increase the price of a local bus ride by 25 cents (to $1), but would maintain most other route system fares including the $30 price of a monthly bus pass favored by commuters. A new $12 weekly pass is proposed that is good for trips to Napa and Mendocino counties as well as for local routes.

Published in the Lake County Record-Bee

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